House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (2023)

By Jared King

The well anticipated HBO series House of Dragon has cast a majority of its main characters, generating more excitement and intrigue.

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Years after the success of Game of Thrones, HBO has finally brought fans a much-awaited new series set in the world of A Song of Ice and Fire, called House of the Dragon. Set two centuries before the events of the original, this new series will tell the tale of a civil war known as the Dance of Dragons, fought between the dragon-riding Targaryen rulers of Westeros.

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Still in development and set to release in 2022, not every role has a confirmed actor. That said, many of the most important players during this tumultuous time in Westeros' history have been cast, featuring household names as well as relatively lesser-known actors.


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10 Jefferson HallReturns To Westeros To Play Twins Jason & Tyland Lannister

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Jaime and Cersei Lannister were not the only Lannister twins to play important rolesin Westeros' history, and identical twin brothers Jason and Tyland Lannister certainly fitthe bill well.While not as important as some of the other key players during this time, many fans will be very interested to see the actions of House Lannister during this time.

The two brothers will be played by a single actor, Jefferson Hall, who fans of Game of Thrones may recognizeas the unfortunate Ser Hugh of the Vale, who was slain by the splintered lance of the Mountain during a joust early in the first season.

9 Sonoya MizunoManipulates Events AsMysaria, Mistress Of Whispers

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (3)

Whilethe fate of Westeros is often kept firmly in the grasp of influential Lords and Ladies, occasionally someone lowborn or from far off lands will find themselves walking among the seats of power, such as Varys in Game of Thrones. Yet the Spider was only following in the footsteps of the Mistress of Whispers, Mysaria.

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With her background in ballet and roles in Beauty And The Beast,Crazy Rich Asians, and Netflix's Maniac, Sonoya Mizuno is well suited to the role of the dangerous and ambitious Mysaria. She played an important role during the Dance of Dragons as the trusted confidante of Daemon and Rhaenyra Targaryen.

8 Paddy Considine As The Kindly King Viserys, Whose Death Will Spark A War

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After the death of his grandfather Jaehaerys, the Iron Throne was granted to Viserys, a pleasant and amiable young man who inherited a stable realm at the height of Targaryen power. Viserys continued that tradition,but it was during this time that the stage for the future civil war would be set.

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Taking on this role is Paddy Constantine, an English actor, director, and screenwriter with a fairly extensive list of roles in both film and television.Though it's Viserys' death that sparks the Dance of Dragons, he plays an important role in the events that lead up to the climactic clash.

7 Fabien Frankel Plays Criston Cole, The Kingsguard And Kingmaker

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (5)

Ser Criston Cole is a lesser knight from the Dornish Marches, originally in service to the Lords of Blackhaven but going on to become the Lord Commander of Viserys I's Kingsguard. It is Ser Criston who convinces Aegon II to challenge his sister for the Iron Throne.

This integral role is being performed by Fabien Frankel. While not well-known for any major roles, Frankel does have a Game of Thrones connection, having acted alongside Emilia Clarke in 2019'sLast Christmas.

6 Rhys Ifans As Hand Of The King, The Scholarly Otto Hightower

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (6)

As a member of the prominent Lords of Oldtown, Otto Hightower would go on to become one of the most powerful men in Westeros, serving as Hand of the King for three different rulers. He was known as a man of great learning, but also haughty and ambitious.

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Actor Rhys Ifans is no stranger to fantasy productions, having portrayed Xenophilius Lovegood in the Harry Potter films, as well as several other prominent roles in films such as The Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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5 Eve Best Best Portrays Rhaenys, The Queen Who Never Was

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (7)

Rhaenys Targaryen, the Queen Who Never Was, was a true Targaryen in every sense of the word: strong, proud, willful, and a capable dragon-rider. Once thought to have been a suitable heir for the Iron Throne, she was passed over in favor of her cousin, Viserys.

Taking on this part is actress Eve Best, who has won several awards and is known for roles in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie, the BBC miniseries The Honourable Woman, and The King's Speech as Wallis Simpson.

4 Steve Toussaint AsWesteros' Greatest Explorer,Corlys Velaryon

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (8)

Hailed as the greatest seafarer Westeros has ever known, Corlys Velaryon – the Sea Snake – was both rich and powerful. He'swas one of the most prominent Lords of Westeros at the time.Corlys was also married to Rhaenys Targaryen and was the Master of Ships for many years.

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The head of House Velaryon is being played by Steve Toussaint, who has an extensive filmography including roles in Prince of Persia, Skins, and Doctor Who.Toussaint has also voiced characters in games likeWorld of Warcraft and Jurassic World: Evolution.

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3 Olivia Cooke As The Cunning Alicent Hightower

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (9)

One of the most important players during the Dance of Dragons, Queen Alicent Hightower was the widow of Viserys Targaryen I and one of the instigators of the civil war, allying with Ser Criston Cole and the small council to crown her son Aegon as King instead of Viserys' preferred heir, Rhaenyra. This highly important role is taken on by Olivia Cooke, who has performed plenty of roles in both film and television, most recently inReady Player One, Pixie, and Naked Singularity.

2 Emma D'Arcy Plays The Proud Princess Rhaenyra

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (10)

As the preferred heir of King Viserys I, the Iron Throne should have gone to Princess Rhaenyra. However, due to the machinations of her rival, Queen Alicent Hightower, a civil war for the throne would be sparked upon the death of her father that would consume Westeros in fire and blood.

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Rhaenyra is sure to feature as one of the most important charactersin the series due to her role as one of the two claimants to the throne. She is being portrayed by actress Emma D'Arcy in what is sure to be one of the most prominent roles of her career thus far.

1 Matt Smith Takes On The Role Of The Ambitious Daemon Targaryen

House Of The Dragon: 10 Most Important Characters And Their Actor (11)

Possibly the most infamous character of the time period, Daemon Targaryen is a scoundrel and a rogue, along with being one of Westeros'most dangerous swordsmen and a dragon-rider in his own right. As the lover and later husband of Rhaenyra,Daemon takes on one of the leading roles during the Dance of Dragons. One of the biggest names to be cast for the series, the role of Daemon is being played by Matt Smith, best known for his award-winning portrayal of theeleventh Doctorin Doctor Who.

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