The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (2023)

There are all sorts of educational computer games for kids and those games are fun to play while the children are learning lots of new skills. These games are on the market for preschool and older. We made a selection of learning games for kids that teaches reading
, math, and foreign languages. Educational computer games can help the child become familiar at the subject or can be used as support to strengthen weaknesses on that subject or skill. The good thing is that most kids like these kind of learning games so much that they don’t realize that they are learning or improving their skills. The most popular educational software programs are Reader Rabbit from The Learning Company and Jumpstart from the manufacturer Knowledge Adventure.

Although playing with friends and family is lots of fun and very educational for the social skills, there isn’t always somebody around to play with. The educational software for kids is played by the child alone and is a very good boredom buster and the child will learn or improve various skills while having fun.

Because most children will like this so much, it’s advisable for the parent to guide the child and to set a time limit the child spend behind a screen (computer and television). The variation in having passive and active time is important for a healthy lifestyle and the development of the child.

We made this selection of best educational computer games based on the following criteria:
* Fun to play
* Educational
* Quality
We hope you can find the educational computer games for your child that suits your child’s need and interest. Have fun and grow!

Educational software for kids that stimulates Reading


The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (1)

Almost all Reader Rabbit software by manufacturer The Learning Company scores very high in the reviews. The programs are used at preschools and kindergartens. This Learn To Read with phonics program focuses on phonics, phonemic awareness, sentences, vocabulary, spelling and comprehension. Reader rabbit practices specific skills and learning while following the adventure. The graphics of these programs are good and kids will be entertained for hours while having fun and improve their reading and other skills.

A educational computer game recommended by a lot of parents and teachers, but unfortunately it can be difficult to install on newer computers or Mac.


The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (2)

Another great product from The Learning Company. This Reader Rabbit software takes the children on an exciting road trip with fun games, colorful animations and lots to explore while improving their reading skills. There are activities that involve rhyming, syllabication, listening to letter sounds, and word recognition. While improving their skills and having fun, kids will discover the joy of reading.

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG READING The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (3)

This is educational software from Scholastic. Explore Clifford’s fun-filled neighborhood. The software contains 7 levels that continually introduce new letters, sounds, and words. There are interactive and printable bonus books, the children can read aloud and color on the screen. The games are cute and fun to play. The game is easy enough to navigate, so the children can play this by themselves quickly.

SIGHT WORDS WITH SAMSON The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (4)

This excellent educational software product from Knowledge Wand, LLC gets very good reviews from teachers and parents. It is used primary in first grade to improve reading and spelling skills. There are lots of extras in the packet like worksheets, printable activities, lesson plans and flashcards. Utilizes a patented 5-step learning process that is proven to significantly improve children’s reading ability.

This fun and engaging product is proven to help beginning readers master the 224 most commonly used words in the English Language. A perfect, user friendly and fun software package for early readers!

JUMPSTART PHONICS The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (5)

JumpStart Phonics is an integrated learning system that teaches essential phonics skills–the building blocks of reading. With voice-recognition technology, children play fun learning games and receive immediate feedback as they hear, see, and speak phonetic sounds. Then, children enhance reading skills away from the computer with three skill-building JumpStart workbooks. Children will have lots of fun with this adventure game while they are learning phonics!

MIA’S READING ADVENTURE: The Search For Grandma’s Remedy The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (6)

This is an exciting, interactive learning adventure with Mia the mouse. It has 4 levels of difficulty and it learns spelling, vocabulary, reading, phonics, word recognition, and more. This is an adventure in a beautiful 3D world and to solve the challenges the children have to use logic, memory, observation, and concentration.

Kids love this learning software and will have hours of fun exploring this captivating 3D world. Made for kindergarten to third grade.

ITZABITZA The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (7)

With ItzaBitza from Sabi Games, little eyes light up as a child sees his or her own drawings become the central focus of the game. This new software scores very high in the customer reviews. The children have to draw objects into the scenes and then they come alive and play in the game! Something new and different. Children love this feature. It is new and refreshing.

This educational computer game is adventure packed and focuses on reading and problem solving skills. A very high quality product. From 4 years and up.

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Educational software for kids that stimulates Math

The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (8)

READER RABBIT PERSONALIZED MATH 4-6 DELUXE The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (9)

Another great product from the Learning Company. This Reader Rabbit software contains four levels of difficulty, 8 interactive and 50 printable activities and multiple games and rides. As they play children develop skills in counting, adding and subtracting as well as skills in recognizing number relationships patterns, colors and shapes. The software is a bit old, but the children will enjoy playing it and improve their number skills.

READER RABBIT MATH ADVENTURE AGES 6-9 The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (10)

Kids will explore Pirate Island with Sam the Lion, Penelope the Parrot, and Reader Rabbit. Each fun activity has many play levels, progressing from the easiest to most difficult. The program adapts to the child’s learning ability in each individual subject. This educational computer game is really great in reinforcing the subjects children learn in first to third grade like fractions, adding, subtracting, money, time and shapes.

Children love playing the adventures games, but the software is a bit old and there are reports of people having trouble installing it on newer computers.

SCHOLASTIC MATH MISSIONS The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (11)

Looking for the ideal math tutorial for grades K through 2? Mission accomplished. Every facet of this colorful program is designed to nurture a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward learning mathematics. Blending real-world challenge with arcade-style entertainment, Math Missions teaches kids that math, like fun, is all around us.

The kids love this product. The games are fun and challenging and they offer rewards to collect. Also this game adjust the level when the child progresses.

JUMPSTART STUDY HELPERS MATH BOOSTER The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (12)

This math software from Jumpstart scores really good in the reviews. The adventure games have 6 levels of difficulty and learn the children math while having fun playing. The program adjusts itself to the math level of the child playing. This way the program grows with your child. It teaches math skills from grade 1 to grade 5.

A nice feature in Jumpstart Study Helpers Math Booster is that you can use easy input to program your own math problems from school and the program starts working on it through games. An absolute topper!

MIGHTY MATH CARNIVAL COUNTDOWN The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (13)

This entertaining software is especially good for younger children. It teaches the basic math skills in a fun and entertaining way. It reinforces problem solving skills, thinking skills and concept necessary to build math confidence.
The children find it amusing to play and they learn while having fun.

MIA’S MATH ADVENTURE: Just In Time The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (14)

This software won a lot of awards! It teaches a lot of math concepts suitable for children age 6 to 10. The story is fun, entertaining, the four level games challenging and the rich 3D graphics and animations of the games are beautiful.

And best of all the software provides solid pedagogical content that focuses on: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division;fractions;geometry; logical suites; variables in equations; factors, divisors and multipliers and much more!

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Educational software for kids that teaches Foreign Languages

Children absorb languages best at an early age, which is why experts exhort parents in bilingual households to freely use both languages if they want their children to be fluent in both. If only one language is spoken under your roof and you have guilty visions of your child struggling through high school French as you did, introducing foreign languages through educational software for kids can help prime some of those young neural pathways for future academic rigors.
Discovering languages early is child’s play with these fun educational computer games!

JUMPSTART SPANISH The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (15)

Recent child-development research indicates children are most receptive to learning languages at a young age. JumpStart Spanish gives kids the benefit of exposure to a second language while they are still learning their native tongue. Simple, age-appropriate activities introduce Spanish basics, including words, phrases, numbers, and songs. For children age 4 to 7. The educational computer games are very interactive and interesting for the children.

JUMPSTART LANGUAGES The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (16)

Once they’ve chosen a language to explore, kids will find nine fun activities inside each pavilion: a phone teaches numbers, kitchen exploration teaches food and household item names, a coloring activity teaches color words, a puppet show teaches clothing items, and folk songs, art, clocks, outdoor exploration, and folk tales round out the language-learning mix. Some of the activities have three levels of difficulty.

Jumpstart Languages doesn’t teach grammar, only vocabulary and culture. Your child doesn’t need to be able to read, as all the games use pictures and instructions are given orally. Designed especially for young children JumpStart Languages offers a simple age-appropriate introduction to languages.

KIDSPEAK 10-1 LANGUAGE LEARNING The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (17)

This multi-CD package offers equally well implemented modules for Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, and Portuguese. We think it’s a great idea to offer 10 languages at once, because there’s no telling what language your child will decide to take later on–so the more exposure earlier, the better. Plus, this number of languages won’t put off kids the way it will adults–instead it will probably inspire your kid’s curiosity.

Each module offers effective alphabet games, number games, animal games, a few songs with animations–all with navigation instinctive to children. KidSpeak combines state-of-the-art animations with fun interactive activities, puzzles, and songs to make second languages simple. Your child will build a solid foreign-language foundation using the successful immersion approach preferred by educators.

MIA’S LANGUAGE ADVENTURE: The Kidnap Caper The Best Educational Computer Games For Reading and Math. (18)

Kids 6 to 10 years old learn 450 words in Spanish and/or French. Topics: letters, numbers, colors, animals, fruits and vegetables, body parts, clothing, professions, family members, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, construction of sentences and more! Mia’s Language Adventure is a very well build role-playing learning adventure. It has three levels of difficulty and is set in a captivating story with beautiful graphics and funny games.

Another great Mia’s product. Kids will love to watch and do the educational computer games while learning French or Spanish.

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This educational computer games page is build for you, to make the best choice for your children’s need. On this page you have been able to view the best selections of educational computer games on the market right now.

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This page was all about educational computer games for kids. We made the best selection of educational software focused on reading, math and languages for your children. On the previous page we offered selections of learning software for preschool and kindergarten aged children. You can follow the link to see our selection of preschool and kindergarten educational software to find the best one for your child’s need.

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